SaveCart is the first company in Poland, based solely on Polish capital, offering full personalization of the online shops, connected with a system for saving transactions in real time. The mission of the company is to facilitate and inspire consumers to take shopping decisions both online and offline.

We specialize in message personalisation in real time, regarding the segment of new technologies – marketing automation. Our unique solutions, based on Big Data serve to raise the sales of the online shops.

How it works?

SaveCart monitors and saves the traffic of the shop’s clients, taking into account both unregistered guests, unregistered users and logged in regular customers. Hence, SaveCart creates their behavioral profiles and saves their preferences. The tool is created in such a way as to allow for handing on the message to a specific client or group of clients.

What do we offer (i.a.)?

  • Displaying precise messages in real time directly on the shop’s site. Engaging chosen users to continue shopping, inspiring them with products/product categories and saving abandoned carts;
  • E-mail marketing in connection with on-site campaigns;
  • Surveys, collecting opinions of the shop’s users;
  • Generating leads;
  • Web push messages with many targeting options basing on behavioral profiles;
  • Web push messages connected with the change in availability of price of the product;
  • Displaying recommended products with three levels of recommendation.

Why SaveCart?

SaveCart is easy to use. It does not require a complicated integration with server or data base of the shop. Its implementation requires only to paste onto the site a tiny code. At the same time the whole process regarding the support of the tool belongs to SaveCart. All of SaveCart clients receive access to an intuitive panel, used to generate campaigns or statistics in real time. They are guaranteed to receive support in the preparation of campaigns as well as a dedicated tutor, who is going to look after the campaigns and will remain in permanent contact with the Client.

We approach each Client individually and our relations are based on partnership. We cooperate with experienced specialists for specific trades, who possess adequate knowledge, know-how and are well familiarized with the e-commerce market.